Strategic Consultancy and Advisory Support in Areas of Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change.

Impact Assessment Consulting.

Sustainability, Climate Change & UN SDG Consulting.

Environment and Ecological Engineering.

Enviorment. Social. Governance (ESG Consulting)

Areas of our Expertise

Rsustain has 20+ years’ experience in providing companies with a wide array of speciality works. Listed below are just some of the services we offer to our clients.

Environmental Engineering & Management Services

  • Engineering Solutions to Environmental Problems
  • Cleaner Production Processes & Extended Producer’s Responsibility
  • Impact Assessment Study
  • Environmental Management Plans

Environmental Modeling and Specialist Services

  • Air & Odour Dispersion Modeling
  • Noise Modeling
  • GW Modeling (Flow, Fate & Transport)
  • Detailed Project Reports / Feasibility study for Waste Management Facility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Corporate CSR Program Audit
  • Program Specific Progress Audit
  • Corporate Responsibility (CR) Reporting
  • Corporate Sustainability (CS) Reporting

Sustainability, ESG and Climate Change Consulting

  • Building Sustainability
  • ESG Consulting
  • Climate Change Consulting
  • Air shed Management / Climate Resiliency

What is Resilient Sustainance?

Sustainability implies continuity, something that is replenish-able and that can continue without artificial inputs. Referring to something as sustainable indicates that its resources will never run out, often because these resources are used, broken down and then used again.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back after a disaster, whether natural (such as earthquakes, hurricane and tornadoes) or man-made (such as bombings and chemical spills). It involves anticipating disasters and developing systems to mitigate them.

Sustainability and resilience can work together in the economy, construction, transportation systems, systems of government and almost all other system in existence and thereby in an era of climate change we can aim at achieving our ultimate goal through Resilient Sustainance.

A smart and secure way to invest in Environment

Resilient sustainance will support you from inception through scaling of your business.

Countries Supported

We are gradually increasing our reach

Projects Supported

Grooming the new ones while enhancing the established

Solving industries biggest problems

Environmental challenges are the biggest for the industries these days, managing the resources while saving the environment is what we are best at.


“It was a real pleasure working with Dr Manoj. He is competent, knowledgable and experienced in environmental issues and concerns. Dr Manoj is helpful and easy to get along with, whilst continually delivering good quality results consistently meeting deadlines and targets. A solid and reliable performer.


Head of Projects , FUSION

“Dr. Manoj is a responsible professional who has consistently worked on environmental management and CSR related matters. He is a great team player and networker, and a pleasure to work with. I can recommend him without any hesitation.


Leadership & Management. Research & Teaching. Consulting, Training & Coaching. Former 2-term University President, CEO, and Managing Director., Greater Verona Metropolitan Area

Having worked with Dr Manoj, I have found him willing to go the extra mile and make that extra effort, often in the face of adverse and pressing circumstances. His knowledge of environmental issues is second to none and he always delivered when requested even in the face of tight deadlines. He is pleasant, very personable and a consummate professional with whom I enjoyed working. To sum up, he is a very good environmental manager whom I would be proud to include on my team.


Project Director , LaganDOTT JV

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