Solutions to enrich your vision towards sustainability’s

Need to implement the learning is equally important, we comprehend this and offer you support throughout the scaling of your business .

Consulting Services Offered by RSustain

We are Environmental Consultants with prowess to help with not just your moral but also the legal responsibilities.

Environmental Engineering & Management Services

  • Engineering Solutions to Environmental Problems
  • Cleaner Production Processes & Extended Producer’s Responsibility
  • Impact Assessment Study
  • Environmental Management Plans

Environmental Modeling and Specialist Services

  • Air & Odour Dispersion Modeling
  • Noise Modeling
  • GW Modeling (Flow, Fate & Transport)
  • Detailed Project Reports / Feasibility study for Waste Management Facility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Corporate CSR Program Audit
  • Program Specific Progress Audit
  • Corporate Responsibility (CR) Reporting
  • Corporate Sustainability (CS) Reporting

Sustainability, ESG and Climate Change Consulting

  • Building Sustainability
  • ESG Consulting
  • Climate Change Consulting
  • Air shed Management / Climate Resiliency

A smart and secure way to create sustainable environment.

It is our responsibility to leave a better world for the
upcoming generations.

How It works


Analysis of the factors to be counted in for any industry scaling to the new dimensions.

  • Data pertaining to carbon and GHG emission.
  • Analytical data for the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA ) & Audit (ESA) studies for industries.

ESG Consulting

Climate change is an inevitable aspect of our actions to the environment and the ecology.

  • The sustainable business environment can be created by us through right strategic planning.
  • We help you with the Compliance’s required by the the Govt. Authorities.

Waste Management

Any type of waste must be treated to remove the hazards it may cause.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants (Municipal and industrial)’ s Performance Evaluation and Operation Supervision.

  • Strategic planning and implementation of usage of recyclable raw materials.

Solutions for everyone

Regardless of the size of your business you must be legally compliant.

  • Air-shed and Watershed capacity audit for businesses of all size..
  • Climate Change – Adaptation and Mitigation.

How it works?

We have the prowess to support the businesses of any scalable size with the requirement of the compliance.

1. Quick Sign-up

Share the business information including your requirement through phone or email.

2. Secure Deposit

Deposit the security as per the deal agreed upon.

3. Private representative

An expert will be designated for the work to be executed.

4. Desktop Study

The secondary data collected from the client are brainstormed in-house in light of the expected goals and corresponding plan of actions are made.

5. Implementation

The project execution plan is finalized in consultation with client and the plan is implemented to achieve the desired goal.

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