Let’s show you what our clients and colleagues have to say about our Founder and Managing Advisor Dr. Manoj Chaturvedi

“Very good and decisive senior professional, his work is always attentive to detail yet very practical in aspects all of Environmental and Sustainable Management fields.”


Team Leader - Project-Program Management B Eng, MEng, MIEAust, CPEng CIV/ENV/PM

Manoj and I were students at IIT Bombay. Manoj is softspoken and helpful. Later we have interacted while developing the India Water Tool for WBCSD when I was at Infosys and Manoj was at HCC. Manoj is resourceful and has energy to implement initiatives with great enthusiasm and ownership. He has good knowledge of waste water and water resource management. He is a good networker and creates opportunities for collaborative working. I wish him all the best.

Dr. Sunita Purushottam

Head of Sustainability, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd.

“To Whom It May Concern, I write this recommendation in a personal capacity. In my opinion, Dr Manoj is a true professional — highly motivated, knowledgeable, and passionate about corporate social responsibility and global issues.


Chief, Sustainable Development and International Affairs, PIMCO, New York, United States

“Dr. Manoj is a conscientious and focused employee for GE Water and Process Technologies. He cares about the quality of his work and is a team player with his colleagues and the global organization.


Executive Vice President, Spring, Texas, United States

“He is a competent and very intelligent person. I have taken advise from him time to time on matters of environment and without doubt he is one of the most competent persons of his domain.


Principal Advisor -Major Hazards, Rio Tinto Global HSE, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“I know manoj as a very tenacious and capable environmental professional who plans well and works hard. He is very deligient in his work and is always ready to learn new things and improvise. He can surely be an asset to any organisation

Surabhi Joshi

Advisor & Coordinator, E3-India Project , Regulatory Assistance Project

“Dr. Manoj Chaturvedi worked for me in an large EPC type project in Doha as Environmental Manager. In this function he had to cope with extended env. requirement of the local regulation and, of course, our own hesitation to spend major efforts in dealing with, for a contractor, sideline environmental issues. He solved the given tasks fasts and successful. A real professional.”


Director Of Engineering for Infrastructure, Tunneling, Railway Systems, Teufen, Appenzell Outer-Rhoden, Switzerland

“Dr. Manoj is a responsible professional who has consistently worked on environmental management and CSR related matters. He is a great team player and networker, and a pleasure to work with. I can recommend him without any hesitation.


Leadership & Management. Research & Teaching. Consulting, Training & Coaching. Former 2-term University President, CEO, and Managing Director., Greater Verona Metropolitan Area

Having worked with Dr Manoj, I have found him willing to go the extra mile and make that extra effort, often in the face of adverse and pressing circumstances. His knowledge of environmental issues is second to none and he always delivered when requested even in the face of tight deadlines. He is pleasant, very personable and a consummate professional with whom I enjoyed working. To sum up, he is a very good environmental manager whom I would be proud to include on my team.


Project Director , LaganDOTT JV

“It was a real pleasure working with Dr Manoj. He is competent, knowledgable and experienced in environmental issues and concerns. Dr Manoj is helpful and easy to get along with, whilst continually delivering good quality results consistently meeting deadlines and targets. A solid and reliable performer.


Head of Projects , FUSION

“Dr. Manoj is highly focused and dedicated person. He has great managerial skills and is one of the best task masters I have known. He is hard working and meticulous in planning the assignment. He is a competitive team player and possesses a helping attitude towards his colleagues.

Dr. Nitin Goyal

Principal Scientist , National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)

“Dr Manoj was key to the monitoring of daily environmental conditions at the Lagoons Project Site. He managed the field team and always kept in communication to report environmental incidents that required supplemental sampling, monitoring and clean up.


Senior Environmental Planner searching for new opportunities, Wayne, New Jersey, United States

“Dr. Manoj is the one of the best environmental experts I have met in my career. He is a gem of a person as well

anand v.p

Technical Manager, Shapoorji Pallonji International

“Dr Chaturvedi is a passionate and enthusiastic scientist and engineer who is keen to find solutions and open to new approaches of environmental technology.”


RAUM International Pty ltd

Honest, intelligent & industrious personality with morality

Swapan Chandra Deb


“Environmental & Sustainability Service for Doha metro projects, provided by Dr. Manoj from Qatar Design Consortium was good quality and on time. I would like to recommend other contractors to avail of their services, which are economical and at the same time, meet the requirements of the project.

Kishore Hinduja

Sustainability Manager (GSAS), Arabian Technical Services

For Dr Manoj, I have a lot to speak about him, but I have to share all of you about his great skills, he has a big experience in environmental management and cleverness managing during association at NPP0032. and he has fantastic cooperation with another department’s, I had worked with him, I respect his job because he is doing the correct modern management, and he succeeded with that. thank you, Mr Manoj, because we worked together.

Najem alhamoud

Site Manager, Qatar

“Dr. Manoj is known to me since he was a PG student at my institute. He is a person with enormous potential. He is intelligent and possesses a scientific temperament and can deliver his best in any given situation. His professional achievements clearly suggest his capabilities. My good wishes for his future endeavors.

Devendra Mohan Kumawat

Professor & Head at Department of Environment Management, Vikram University, Ujjain.

Dr. Manoj and I worked for the same client; him as a project manager of the Laggons Project for Golbal Tech and myself as the Project Director for the same project on behalf of HydroQual. His work was well appreciated by the client and he was able to manage difficult tasks that involved multiple players sometimes with conflicting interests. Yet, he managed to weave his way through and was able to efficiently and productively provide the client with the requested services.

Paul Anid

Vice-President, HDR Inc.

“I know Dr. Manoj as Environment Consultant at GTZ-ASEM cell at Nasik. He is very professional in his approach to work and has a through technical knowelge about water & waste water treatment technologies. He has pleasing personality and is nice individual to interact.

Venugopal V

Technical Expert, GIZ

“Dr Manoj has good background of environmental science. He has a good fusion of managerial skills and environmental science which makes him distinct and prudent.

Abhishek Srivastava

Regional Technical Manager, ICICI Bank

I know Dr Manoj Chaturvedi as a colleague at IITB, working in the same research group of Professor Asolekar. At that time, I was a masters student undertaking my research project and have had quite frequent interactions with Dr Chaturvedi. From the interactions at IITB and thereafter, I have formed a firm opinion about Dr Chaturvedi’s abilities and capabilities in critical and logical thinking and working under pressure and beyond. Dr Chaturvedi has built his recognized expertise in the industrial wastewater management and reuse as well as environmental management of mega construction projects entirely through his own efforts (i.e. without being part of an established research group) and has been a key thinker and contributor to several high-profile projects over the past few years. His research acumen is demonstrated through his impressive publication track record. This gives me the utmost confidence in recommending, without hesitation. I wish him well!

Mohan Yellishetty

Associate Professor, Resources Engineering, Monash University

I know Dr Manoj since Sep 2013, when he joined QDC as Project Manager (Environmental). In March 2017, he was promoted as Operations Manager ( Environment Division). As General Manager, I had close interactions with him about the functioning of the environment division. His responsibilities included maintaining and improving the overall performance of the environmental division including but not limited to Financial and Quality management for the division. During close to two years of his tenure as Operations Manager ( Env Div), I found him to be diligent in discharging all his duties. He interacted with our clients and the statuatory authorities and earned their respect and appreciation. He maintained a congenial relationship with his peers and collegues. He contributed well during all management meetings. He actively participated in Major projects contributing effectively on all matters related to environment division. His happy demeanour endeared him to his team.

Sivasubramanian Narayanan

General Manager, Qatar Design Consortium

Dr. Manoj Chaturvedi and myself were students at IIT Bombay. Dr. Manoj was a Ph.D. student and myself an M.Tech. Dr. Shyam Asolekar was our guide. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Manoj. He is an extremely dedicated person and a perfectionist to the core. He taught us some precious issues in environmental engg. such as natural treatment systems, which have been etched on our consciousness. He was immensely helpful during our student days. God has bestowed him with His greatest gifts of truthfulness, simplicity and loyalty. He will be the torchbearer of moral values in whichever organization he works, and will be an asset to the organization. I wish him all the success in his life.

Shivkumar Vanjari

Executive Engineer (Environment) , Nashik Municipal Corporation

Dr Chaturvedi is highly focussed professional. He has good domain expertise on Water and Waste water. Chaturvedi has excellent leadership skill. He has been very effective in a leadership role when managing people with varied background. he is assest for any organisation. I highly recommend Dr Chaturvedi and wish his a great future.

Sumalya Nag

Sr Sales Operation Director SEA and Product Management Leader APAC, SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions

Dr Manoj was heading the environmental cell at Nashik and overseeing the activities related to Environmental management at the city. He has an eye for details and good at liaison with senior government officials including the Commisioner of the municipal corporation. He is sound technically and has a pleasant disposition, a good teamplayer while being task oriented


MD, Paradigm Environmental Strategies (P) Ltd

I have worked alongside Manoj during my summer internship at IIT. As SRF at IIT, he always came across as a committed and hardworking individual. He also actively coordinated national Conferences and symposia bringing together industrialists and academicians. I am positive that his perseverance will hold him in good stead in any future assignment that he wishes to pursue

Richa Pugalia

Competition Intelligence Manager, L'Oréal, Ex-Unilever, IIM-Ahmedabad

“Dr Manoj’s has been a very active member of the International Organization for Bio-science and Bio-Engineering (IOBB), Australia. I strongly recommend his services to all including but not limited to organizations like ASEM, GTZ Gmbh, to whom he has provided his Environmental Consultancy.

Charles Twesigye


“Dr Manoj Chaturvedi is an efficient worker, almost always managing the time schedules appropriately. With a positive outlook towards professional challenges, he is also helpful to other colleagues whenever required. I recommend him for any workplace.

Cheena Kanwal


I have observed Manoj evolving from a curious fellow student to an established professional now. He is one of those few persons I have met with great can-do approach all the time, day and night. He can possibly do anything in which he can set his mind to. I feel very confident in recommending him for environmental project management.

Mukesh GUPTA Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences at Asian University for Women

“Dr Manoj Chaturvedi is a very sincere and intelligent scientist. He did excellent work, which was published in renowned journals, during his doctorate degree. He will be an asset to any company he joins. I recommend him strongly.

Rashmi Patil


“Dr Manoj was an intelligent student. He could draw sensible conclusions from whatever he read. He is a well-balanced person.

Soli Arceivala


“Manoj champions CSR with unbridled passion and verve. He has mastered the art of communicating with academicians, corporate executives, field workers , and social entrepremeurs in their own vernaculars.

BP Agrawal

President, Sustainable Innovations, INC

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